About the Hungry Pests Campaign

It's up to each of us to leave Hungry Pests behind.

Photo of a large red farm on a clean and open green grass covered hill. Lots of trees are seen in the distance.

Hungry Pests is the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s signature outreach initiative to raise public awareness about the invasive pest threat. Its goals include:

  • Elevating the issue of invasive pests among the general public
  • Educating the public about the threats that invasive pests pose
  • Increasing awareness about safe and effective solutions to combat them

The pests targeted by the Hungry Pests initiative are federally regulated invasive species whose introduction into the United States and spread within the country is assisted by the activities of the general public. These pests have the ability to cause significant harm to U.S. agricultural and environmental resources. Through the Hungry Pests website and outreach materials, the public can learn how to Leave Hungry Pests Behind.